Baseline News…
Our new office location

We would like to announce the new office location of Baseline Surveying and Engineering! We are now located at 1800 Hog Mountain Road, Building 900, Suite 103 Watkinsville, Georgia 30677. We still proudly offer the following services:
* Boundary Surveys
* Topographic Surveys
* Site plans
* Construction Plans
* Erosion, Sediment & Pollution Control Plans
* Elevation Certificates
* ALTA surveys
* Construction Layout

Owners, Jason Lawson, P.E. and Matt Ulmer, RLS both reside in Oconee County with their families. Indeed, we believe our deep roots and local knowledge of Oconee County combined with the working relationships and community associations we have forged over the years, gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to serving you.

If you are considering buying, selling, or improving a piece of property and would like a free professional proposal for any of our services, please consider contacting us. We look forward to discussing how Baseline may assist in enhancing the value of your property. Remember, it pays to know what you are buying, selling, or paying taxes on.

New Member of the Baseline Team

We would like to announce the addition of Thomas Paul to our surveying staff! He brings with him more that 30 years experience in the surveying profession!

Why Get a Survey?

52 acres +…
Is that what your deed calls for? What does that mean? Essentially it means that your property hasn’t been surveyed in a great while or never at all. However, your county tax assessor sends an annual bill based on this approximate acreage. Over time, some property acreages are subject to change. For example, your old survey may not take in to account recent road right-of- way acquisitions. You could be paying taxes on a larger amount of acreage than you actually own. Don’t pay more than your fair share of property taxes. Baseline Surveying & Engineering can provide you with a Boundary Survey that establishes your correct acreage. If you choose to do so, you may record this plat with the clerk of court (usually within the courthouse). The acreage on the plat will be used to update the tax assessor’s information so that you will be taxed based on the acreage that you actually own.

The fence is the line…
That’s what the seller says, anyway. In my years of surveying, it has been my experience that fences very rarely represent an actual property line. Sometimes they are close. Sometimes they are several feet away from the property line. Sometimes there are two fences. The only way to know for sure is to get a survey. Baseline Surveying & Engineering can provide you with a survey that establishes your property line on a plat, as well as on the ground. We take the time to locate that fence and show it on the plat, with a dimension to the property line. We also take the time to mark the property line on the ground (in between the property corners) with a stake or pipe, so that you can physically see if the fence is indeed the line.

Our property stops at the creek…
That’s what a recent client told me as we started a survey for his family. That makes sense, I thought, as I proceeded to the courthouse to research the parcel. However, once I began to put all of the research together, I realized that my client owned 10 acres across the creek, as well. Here’s where it gets interesting. The neighbor, across the creek, had already built three permanent structures on the ten acre parcel. After discussing the situation with my client and his neighbor, the neighbor agreed to pay my client for the ten acres of land that he never knew he owned. In this case, he got an up to date survey, he kept all of the land that he thought he owned, and he sold ten acres across the creek. As you might have guessed, the money that he received for the land was much more than the cost of the survey. The moral of this story is know what you are buying, selling and paying taxes on. Get a survey.