Baseline Engineering
Jason Lawson Leads Baseline Engineering Services
Jason Lawson, P.E. 34647, R.F. 2893, graduated from The University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering as well as a Bachelor of Science in Forest Resources. He has many years of experience in the engineering and surveying field. His surveying background began as a rod man on a surveying crew while in college studying engineering. He learned the fundamentals of surveying and progressed up through the ranks to become a seasoned crew chief before graduating college. Upon graduation, Jason decided to move more toward a career in engineering. His years in the field surveying gave him an edge among his colleagues by having a better understanding of how the data was collected and transformed onto paper. Even though he pursued a career in engineering, Jason continued to work in the field as needed and obtained his Land-Surveyor-In-Training licensure.

Since heading off to the world of engineering, he has designed franchise restaurants, commercial sites, residential subdivisions, apartment complexes, industrial sites, municipal facilities (water and sewer), roads and highways, landfills, and even cemeteries. Through many years of honest hard work, Jason developed close relationships with clients and governing bodies. Using the latest in computer technology paired with a traditional knowledge of the principals of engineering, Jason and his staff have a lot to offer anyone needing engineering services!